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I'm supposed to be on internet lockdown, because I'm not able to watch the latest ep of Doctor Who until tomorrow (i'm slowly dying here.... OMG), but I thought I'd post some of my recent icons!

Included are my icons from the first 2 rounds of chuck20in20, as well as some various icon challenges from the last few weeks! I hope you enjoy!


01-46: Chuck
47-52: Miscellaneous (incl. Legend of the Seeker, Bones, HIMYM, Doctor Who + wallpaper)

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HIMYM. we are good.


Wait, WHAT?!

I just got back from Sydney, and I find THIS waiting for me?! I don't know HOW I won best HIMYM icon maker, but I am completely honoured and blown away!!!!!! Seriously, thank you to anyone who voted, and congratulations to the wonderful and amazing earlydreams  and llenka !! The fact that my icons were even considered on the same level as yours is just crazy talk! Love your work so hard!

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Hi everyone!! I've got the requests done! They were so much FUN, so thank you to all who requested!! If you saved a spot but didn't post any images yet, just comment to the request post and I'll get them in with the next batch!

I thought I'd quickly get these in before damnfineemile and I leave for Sydney! We're so excited, what an amazing 4 days it's gonna be! Any Aussies out there: anything we should see or do while we're there? (other than the obvious :D!)

All requests are shareable. If I didn't icon all of your images, I'm sorry, but they so weren't working for me!

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DW. a/e. clingy.

picspam: doctor who- 5.05 flesh and stone

I know, I know, why aren't I doing something more productive? BECAUSE DOCTOR WHO HAS IMPLODED MY BRAIN AND I NEEDED TO PICSPAM IT. It's NOT MY FAULT.

You may ask, "Now Kate, why is a full quarter of this picspam of the last five minutes of the episode?". But you already know the answer to that. COME ON, PEOPLE.

Anyway... I should sleep. Yet another part of my life this show has taken over.

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DW. a. pond.

icons, icons, icons!

Before I start making requests and doing other stuff, I thought I’d post my latest icons! I had so much fun with these!! A lot of them are challenge entries, as always!

This post includes: Doctor Who (up to 5.04), Being Human, Chuck, Bones, HIMYM, Merlin, Dollhouse, Big Bang and True Blood.


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And, as I posted this morning, it's my four year lj anniversary today! I'm celebrating, so see this post if you'd like requests, interest icons, tutorials, q's, anything you can think of!
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How the time has flown! To celebrate, I'm taking requests, interest icons, tutorial requests, questions... anything you can think of if anyone's actually interested!!